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Increase Your Profits

Studies show that over 80% of the time a homeowner that replaces their windows, will either want to or have to change their Window Coverings.

Window fabricators can take advantage of this need and offer AllView Plantation Shutters with every window they replace or new window they sell.

Who We Are

Vinyl Window Manufacturers are always looking for ways to increase sales and profits. Every so often, a simple yet powerful opportunity comes by to forever change an industry. Allview Vinyl shutter fabrication is just that opportunity!

AllView shutters is a division of US Polymers Inc. We are one of the largest Vinyl Extruders on the West Coast. Allview is our patented vinyl shutter system that allows window fabricators to easily get into the shutter fabrication business.

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Plantation Shutters are a rapidly growing industry and in high demand!

Shutters are over a $600 million dollar business each year in the United States. Growing at a rate of 5% a year, they represent one of the fastest sectors in the window covering industry. By 2022 the industry will grow to be over $800 million. Like vinyl windows, vinyl shutters add to the value of a home.


Turnkey Shutter Fabrication Program

The All View Shutter Fabrication program is completely turnkey: Startup specialty equipment costs are under $7000. You may have some of the common machinery like chop saws already in your factory. We will show you the process and provide give you all the shutter training, factory layouts, equipment, and inventory necessary to get started.

Is it really possible for window fabricator to fabricate shutters here in the US and compete with Window Covering Dealers?

You can’t do it with traditional wood or poly materials that require painting. The AllView poly shutter is built with pre-finished, ready- to-assemble vinyl components that are made in the US and allow you to save money on shipping, finishing, materials and fabrication costs. The material costs are about the same as the cost of wood components, but they require no painting and are ready to go. All you need to do is cut and assemble!

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Profit Margins Window Fabricators Can Make On Every Window Sale

Your net costs per square ft to make an All View Shutter is around $6.50 with a selling price of $19.95 your Gross margin per square ft. is 13.45. That’s $1,345.00 of profit on a 100 square ft job that costs you $650.00 to make. We estimate about a one month or less return on your investment. Don’t miss this opportunity to capture the hidden profits in every window sale.

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